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Monday, April 22, 2013

My Cambridge Satchel

I have always had a deep wanting for one of the pretty satchels that are so popular right now. But if I was going to have one, it was going to be a genuine one. This was one thing I wasn't cheaping out on!
For this reason I resigned myself to being satchel-less, there was no way I could afford one so I continued to pine for a few more months.
Until recently, when my husband showed me this gorgeous purple and golden yellow Cambridge Satchel on their website and proceeded to tell me he had just purchased it for me! Cue lots of excitement and a very long wait (well, 2 weeks but it felt like a lifetime!).

When it arrived it was even nicer than I'd expected, it came in a cute reusable canvas bag with the Cambridge logo and my initials printed onto the front flap!
The quality is amazing and the colour even prettier in reality, I am spoiled, indulged and completely in love! I also think I may have the worlds best husband!

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Lissa said...

I want one!! Such a beautiful bag!!! :-))) xx