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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Never be afraid to customise.

I recently bought this cute shirt for the ridiculous sum of £7.64 from an Amazon Marketplace seller, the photo on the listing is pretty crummy but I figured I wouldn't be losing much if I didn't like it when it arrived! I'd been on the lookout for some Peter Pan collared shirts for a long time so it seemed a good gamble.

Well I'm not sure if it's just my eyes but I didn't notice the lace around the collar on the listing, so when it arrived I was a bit "urgh!" also the ruffles on the shoulders seem a bit more extreme (for my taste anyway!).
So I decided instead of shoving at the back of my wardrobe, I'd do something about it.

The lace trim was super easy to unpick, although I was a little nervous about how the collar would look once it'd been removed. I worked slowly and carefully, pulling out every other stitch and as you can see there were some slight dimples left behind but nothing you can notice when the shirt is being worn.
For the shoulder frills, I cut some of the excess seem allowance away from the inside of the shoulder and ironed down the tops and they now sit nice and neatly. I'm now really pleased with this cute shirt and though it was simple to alter, it's inspired me to look at what else I can customise!

Have you altered anything lately? I'd love to see! Also leave me a comment if you know where I can find some cute collared shirts!

Happy saturday!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog !!

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Lissa said...

Very pretty blouse :-)