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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Party time

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm very big on organisation! There is just something in me that can't leave the important things to last minute, I have to be prepared! My husband still can't believe how well I managed the purchases of all our baby things, I wrote list after list and then bought 2-3 items per month for about 6 months (starting off with little essentials and adding in clothes and toys towards the third trimester!). By the time Enid arrived we had everything we needed and our bank balance wasn't too hurt!

Our little monkey turned 6 months this week and this got me thinking about how fast the time has gone, before we know it her first birthday will be upon us!
Now I am by no means wishing the time away, but money is tight and we have already purchased a few cute toys that she won't be able to use until she's 12 months anyway (all ready to be wrapped!), I'll also be back at work by then, so it got me thinking about birthday party ideas!
We're not the kind of family who will go all out, get a bouncy castle and give away huge party bags to 60 random guests. It'll most likely just be a few family and friends, but that doesn't mean I can't decorate!

Pinterest has some beautiful birthday table setups and gorgeous decoration ideas and after having a nosey on Etsy I selected a few items I'd love to have to make a colourful, photogenic, laid back 1st birthday party.


Mint green hearts and spots garland for added wall decoration.
Lilac cupcake sprinkles - enough said!
Light blue chevron table runner, added pastel coloured prettiness for the table. 
Green heart cupcake picks, for cute pastel cupcake accessorizing!

Happy Birthday banner. Essential! I chose this one in fabric and pastel colours so it'll stand a chance of lasting us through lots of birthdays to come. I'd love to be able to cart this out every years and snap a photo of Enid in front of it!
Vintage baby dress, because I'm a sucker for vintage with peter pan colours and this is a puffball dress free zone!
Fabric bunting cake decoration. I love this cake bunting idea, you could easily make a similar one and add a personal message!
 Lilac striped paper straws, because every occasion needs pretty straws!
Mint and lilac cupcake cakes, to tie in with the pastel theme.
Lilac spotted napkins to finish everything off!

 I also found this AMAZING fake cupcake headband! I mean, how cute would this look atop my little ones birthday head? In fact I'd happily wear this myself. If you check out the link, make sure to look at the sellers shop, there are some seriously adorable things in there!

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my very early 1st birthday decorating ideas, do you have any birthday planning to do?