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Sunday, June 16, 2013

DIY - Fathers Day

I wanted to do something memorable for my husbands first Fathers Day and give him a present he could keep and look back at. I'd seen lots of cute photography, with kids holding wooden letters spelling out 'dad' and thought it was such a sweet idea.

I visited my local hobbycraft to pick up some cardboard letters (the kind you get to decoupage) but they were lacking the letter A in all sizes! I picked up an I, a U and a small heart instead and also an ink pad for taking hand prints.

I painted the letters red with some cheap acrylic paint from Wilkinsons.

Then once they were completely dry, I got creative with positioning them around Enid and got snapping. It was a fairly hard task on my own since I had to stand on a chair above her and everytime I got up to shoot, she would roll onto the letters or pick one up and chuck it!
Here are a couple of rejected shots and the ones I picked!

I printed the photos and picked up a 3 aperture frame from a local shop. I took some handprints (such a difficult job with a wriggly baby!) and cut my paper to fit the third aperture in my frame.

Here's the final product, I'm really pleased with it!

Happy First Fathers Day Theo!