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Monday, June 3, 2013

Shoe hack

Here's another super quick DIY which shows that you can always adapt things to suit your personal taste!

  I'm a lover of all things spotty and cute, so when I saw these in Primark a couple of months back I snapped them up even though I'm not a fan of the shape! I wore them a couple of times but just couldn't get over the fact that their shape reminds me of a pair of old mans slippers!

So I got my scissors out and snipped them into a rounded edge which I think looks much cuter and shows of the star tattoo on my foot much better (should have taken a photo without tights, doh!).

These were the resulting offcuts and below is the final shaped shoe.

They're a little rough around the edges but it's nothing you can notice from a distance (who gets that close to peoples shoes anyway?) and I now get much more wear out of these!

I'm now on the hunt for more neglected wardrobe pieces which I can easily revamp!


chloe wan said...

soo cute :) xxx

make happiness a habit said...

Ohhhh I wish I'd seen these! Cute! Xxx