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Friday, January 31, 2014

Gratuitous baby portraits - 15 months

15 Months, how? It's going like the speed of light and I can't keep up!  The past couple of months haven't been too kind to us, English winter is wet and horrible and with it comes multiple colds and virus' which coupled with teething, is no fun at all. We've been staying in and keeping cozy as much as possible, while I've tried to fit in lots of crafts and fun stuff. I shot these last week on a lazy day, it was so much fun as she was in a brilliant, happy mood and was chasing my feet around the bed until it all got too much and a lie down was needed.

This week we are thinking about holidays and planning things to look forward to this year. I'll be back soon with a mood blanket update, a new monthly box review (ooh!) and valentines day fun stuff. I hope you're reading this from somewhere cozy!