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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A day to yourself

I love a good midweek day away from the norm. I chose to give this Thursday off to my dad as its his 52nd birthday, so far it's been fuelled by croissants, long walks, movies and cake. Tonight we have a lovely meal to look forward to at our favourite pizza restaurant Santaniellos in Bedford, it's authentic stone pizza oven and friendly family of staff mean its always a good call for some doughy indulgence.

It's surprising how good a day like today can make you feel and it's great knowing after tomorrow I'll have another two days all for myself.

I'm all set for the Focus on Photography exhibition at the Birmingham N.E.C on Sunday. It will be my first visit and I'm hoping to learn some new tips and maybe treat myself to a new battery grip for my canon and a selection of film to play with!
Here's hoping its as good as advertised!

For now I'll get back to eating my large slice of this cake I made last night!