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Sunday, March 4, 2012


After a spectacularly bad Saturday, Sunday was entirely perked up by a visit to the Focus on Imaging exhibition at the Birmingham NEC.

After both managing to score some tickets through work, Theo and I drove up this morning and spent a few hours drooling over beautiful cameras we couldn't afford and watching a few mini seminars on lighting and technique. The exhibition wasn't quite as big as I imagined but there was certainly plenty to see and lots of great imagery on view.

I'm enjoying the dream of telling myself that next year i'll go back with enough money to buy myself a Hassleblad, but something tells me this will most probably stay a dream. I did however score myself a used 35-80mm Canon lens for a rediculous £13 though, I think this will be my staple lens from now on.

Once again this weekend has gone too fast, I'm looking ahead to the 26th when I'll have two glorious days off to celebrate Theo's birthday! Until then it's back to filling my work days with too much photography and eating numerous biscuits.