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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Under pressure.

The past month has been manic. Early starts, late finishes and minimal lunches. I've had some good news and some stressful times and my fingers are still crossed until a few weeks time when I can reveal all to my friends.

This Easter weekend has been a great opportunity to slow down a little, currently I'm eating vast amounts of chocolate and laying in bed watching some of my favourite shows.
Tomorrow will entail a charity breakfast in my mother in laws village and hopefully some cinema time, until it's back to work tuesday.

Right now i'm...

Currently lusting after this Roxy skirt:

Looking forward to the imminent arrival of a shiny new white iphone 4S! My iphone 4 broke 2 weeks ago and I've been somewhat devoid of technology since, luckily it's upgrade time so this beauty will soon be in my hands:

aand after reading all about the decoden craft craze, i'm looking forward to making myself a new phone case with some adorable resin cabochons I've just purchased!

So in all I'm looking ahead with lot's to look forward to!
Happy Easter everyone!