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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maternity leave

So I feel like I finally have some time to myself. I finished work on Friday and have the daunting prospect of up to 6 weeks of downtime before my little one arrives. It's a good thing because I feel like my house needed a damn good overhaul and sort out before the real madness begins, but at the same time I'm somewhat frightened of the idea of having to entertain myself for this long. If I'm honest i'm hoping little miss will decide to arrive somewhere close to the good side of the 27 week mark, but I know I shouldn't be wishing this precious time away.

Lately life has been consumed by feeling quite icky, eating too much and playing PS3 with my husband. Im trying to get some nice craft projects together to both keep me entertained and make my house prettier in time for our new arrival. I just know tha having organisation and cute things around me will help me when the time comes!

So I'm off to hobbycraft for some supplies for a few easy makes and I'll return with photos upon completion!

Happy Tuesday.


Sara Ivy said...

Just wait until your little one is here, it will be the most rewarding experience of your life.

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