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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snowy days

We've been snowed in quite a lot for the past two weeks here, this has led to lots of little projects being completed and a few comfort foods!

1. Hot Chocolate with choco hearts
2. Cupcakes with my new super bright food colours!
3. Kilner Jar tumblers made with lids purchased from The country barrel on Etsy (it actually worked out less expensive to buy these pre made from the US than to make them myself!)
4. Jam sandwich cookies
5. Chocolate cupcakes in my amazing teacup cake cases

And lastly 3 weeks of Instax Monday's! Oops!

The snow has finally melted here so we're back to normal now, though I just can't stop thinking of the next thing to create. I've been knitting like crazy but I think it might be time to think of another new project!