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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stripes DIY

My bedroom has been asking for some rejuvenation for a while now, it's the one room in the house we've never done much to. We built a huge wardrobe from scratch last year that I love, but everything's been left white and plain. It's a small room so I didn't want to add colour all over but it needed a feature!

I love the new trend for this dark grey colour and considered one entirely grey wall, until I got thinking about my old room in my dads house. I once painted it in stripes of 8 different colours and thicknesses, it took me an age but I loved it! So the idea for grey stripes was born. 

I chose to use the window wall where our bed is as I figured it wouldn't seem too over the top, would provide a feature at the head of the bed and the sunlight would make the grey less dark.

I really love it! It gives the room a bit more personality and the neutral colour means I can accessorize with any bedspread or wall art and not have to worry about clashing!

How I did it!

I decided I want to start with a grey stripe at the bottom, so I chose to do 5 inch stripes with 2 inch white gaps. I marked out my 5 and 2 inch points on the wall starting at the skirting board and working upwards with a tape measure and then got masking. 
When I first started I used ordinary masking tape and did a small corner to see how it would turn out, the tape was pretty useless and I got a ton of bleed and wonky lines (see below!).

I'd seen some adverts for some special painters tape called "frog tape" so took a quick trip to B&Q and picked some up. It's pricey but it really does work and I'm so glad I invested in it and I can't recommend it enough.
The paint I used was also from B&Q in "grey slate" and I also had my Crown Trade "Obliterating white" to hand for any mistakes! This tub was left to me by one of our builders and it is honestly the best white paint ever!

Once I knew my tape was going to work I got masking up the entire wall and then covered it with 3 coats of the grey. I used a mini roller because I find large ones go everywhere and I got myself a small rounded paintbrush for the edges. (Excuse the state of this window, it was washed in the blazing sun, without being properly rinsed and looks a state!).

When the paint was dry I peeled the tape SLOWLY at an upwards angle, it's really important to peel slowly as some of the white pulled away when I first started to remove the tape quickly.

I'm super happy with the result and I think Enid likes it too :)


Lissa said...

Looks great :-) xxx