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Sunday, May 12, 2013

2 years.

Today, my husband and I have been married for 2 years and I can't believe how quickly it's gone.
I wanted to talk a little about my somewhat unconventional wedding and show a few photos just because I can!

We got married at Brighton Town Hall, a lot of people asked us why on earth we chose to marry there (it's not particularly close to where we live - around a 2 hour drive), but it seemed an obvious choice for us! We both love Brighton and had been there on short breaks together a few times, in fact just a few days after we got together I went there for a couple of gigs and posted Theo his first post card from me, a view of the seafront. Secondly, we wanted somewhere different and fun! We aren't churchy people and didn't want to get married in the register office we pass every day, it had to be special and the fact that our guests would get a short holiday if they came really appealed to me.

The staff at Brighton Town Hall were great at keeping us up to date and helping with our requests. On the day they were wonderfully accommodating and friendly and the venue was lovely.

One of the registrars had pink hair, if you know me well, you will know how much of a "this is meant to be" moment it was when I saw her!

Both big Peter Doherty fans, we chose to walk in and say our vows to "For Lovers" by Wolfman and Pete D. We chose to say traditional vows and I didn't think I'd be nervous, but I honestly thought I was about to collapse when trying to get my words out! I just remember clinging to Theo's hand and stuttering away!

This photo contains all of our guests bar two (my stepdad and Theo's uncle who were both taking photos!). For me, it was such an easy decision to have a small selection of guests, I couldn't imagine anything worse than having our entire friends lists and a plus one who barely knew us attend and there's always that "If we invite this person, we have to invite that person" thing, which spirals until you have 200 guests!
So 9 was our magic number, the close family who meant the most.

After the ceremony we had a walk along the sea front and then ambled over to "The Tea Cosy", and amazingly kitsch little tearoom in Kemptown where no wall is left undecorated!
Here we had copious amounts of tea (I'm literally talking about huge teapots which were constantly refilled - heaven!) and sandwiches waiting for us. 

The owner was fabulous and accommodated our wedding cake, which was a jam sponge with chocolate icing and little white hearts from The Cake Shop in Banbury. We designed it ourselves and didn't fancy any 4 tiered fruit cake affairs, it was absolutely delicious and I ate way too much - we even took some on our honeymoon plane journey!

We spent a few hours drinking tea, then went back to our hotels to change and meet for a few drinks and a chat before heading out again for our evening meal at Terre a Terre.
Terre a Terre is a beautiful vegetarian restaurant not too far from the seafront, I'm vegetarian and so is my father in law, everyone else is a meat eater but Theo suggested that it'd be nice to get everyone to try something different.

We ate, drank lots of champagne and had a lovely evening. Theo and I spent 2 more days in Brighton afterward and then flew to Venice for ten days for a wonderful honeymoon.

I can honestly say I wouldn't have done anything differently, I've never been a fan of large weddings and we felt the extra money would be better spent on the house we had just purchased. I love my candid photos, we both hate having our photo taken and couldn't imagine all the posing and bouquet shots that come with a paid photographer so we gave cameras to our guests.

We didn't have a big fancy venue full of tulle and fairy lights but we treated ourselves to a lovely honeymoon suite in a seafront hotel instead. 
It was completely "us" and the most fun wedding day I could imagine.

Congratulations if you got to the end of this, I'm not saying you're a bad person if you have a lavish wedding, I just wanted to show that you can have any kind of wedding you want. As long as you are happy and the day is perfect for you, then don't worry about what anyone says!

You can listen to our wedding song below. X

P.S Thank you Theo for being my husband for a second year, let's have a lovely day with our daughter. X