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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunny days

I spent another lovely day with Mel this week and raided our local Primark. I got some lovely new bits for myself and for Enid and Theo so I thought I'd do an out of the door photo on Friday!

Cardigan - H&M
Skirt - Primark
Black T - Primark
Heart Necklace - Accesorize (years ago)
Bow belt - H &M
Suede booties - Deichmann

I've wanted a maxi skirt for a while but didn't think they'd suit my 'ahem' motherly hips, but i was pleasantly surprised when I tried this on. I also got one in a lovely bright turquoise green and can't wait to wear that soon.

We were just off for a family swimming outing when Theo took this photo, he managed to get a day's holiday and it was lovely and sunny. The pool we visited has an outdoor section so it was great fun playing with Enid in the water and sunshine!

My lovely husband then treated me to a Mexican meal on the way home, at Fajitas in Ampthill, it's got a great atmosphere and a nice looking menu. We were a bit disappointed however with the quantity and taste of the food given that it was quite pricey, you didn't get a lot for your money and the veggie burrito I had just tasted like BBQ sauce! It wasn't too family friendly either since the whole restaurant is up a winding staircase (nightmare with a sleeping baby in a buggy!). 

The nicest bit was the nachos we had for starters (though this was almost £6 and the nachos weren't even hand made!), maybe I'm just a cheapskate though! lol

It's set to be sunny all week from now on, so today we went for a picnic and a lakeside walk. Enid got slathered in sun cream and loved looking at the ducks and geese! She also enjoyed joining in on the picnic with a yogurt and rice cake most of which ended up on the grass!

I hope you've all had a nice sunny day too! I'll be back with a post about the 30 day snap project I'll be taking part in this month!