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Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY - Pine drawer makeover

This weekend I finally got around to making over Enid's little chest of drawers. I picked up these simple little pine drawers from Ikea for only £20, it comes unfinished which I love because I'm all about customising rather than paying for a piece of furniture that thousands of other people will have in their home too.
While we were waiting for Enid to be born, we washed it with a bright blue (I'm not into that whole pink for girls stuff!) as it contrasted well with her bright yellow walls. After 9 months of use and baby oil spills it was in need of a revamp, so I started off by cleaning it thoroughly and then coating it with the blue again to brighten it back up.

I wanted to girly it up a little so decided that some painted flowers would do the trick. I already had these yellow and white emulsions in the house so used those for the petals and centres of the flowers (I would have used acrylic if I didn't have these already).

I tried cutting a sponge as a stamp for the petals originally but it wasn't sturdy enough, so I got out a trusty potato. I cut it in half down the middle then sliced the ends to make a flat surface, I then carefully cut the leaf shapes into the middle of each side and chipped away the potato around them to leave two 3D shapes for printing!

I then started to sporadically stamp my leaves and dot them in the middle with some yellow paint.

I placed smaller and larger flowers around until I was happy with the look, then laid down the drawers so I could stamp down onto them rather than trying to do it sideways.

Once the paint was dry I used some of my all time favourite product, Polyurethane varnish (this stuff is the best!) and sprayed the entire chest to stop any of the paint getting chipped, worn or discoloured.

I left it to dry overnight before putting it back into Enid's room and I'm very pleased with the finished result, I love that the flowers are random and imperfect and think it gives a bit more character to an otherwise dull piece of furniture!

Have you DIY'ed lately?