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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Glossy Box

This months theme was Dark Romance, I'm not sure what's dark or romantic about some of the products though!

Firstly Katie Perry's new fragrance "Killer Queen. I'm not generally a fan of these fragrances which get churned out by "pop stars" because to me it's just a quick and easy money maker to whip up a new smell and stick a famous persons name on the front. This doesn't seem any different to me, the smell is a little sickly and like something I would have chosen when I was 13. Pretty disappointed with Glossybox for this one.

Harmony Moisturising smoothie serum by Premae. This is another one of those products which seems kind of unnecessary, it's made to go on the skin before your moisturiser and take any redness out. I personally don't think it does a great deal and considering it's a whopping £22.50 for a full size of 50ml, it seems incredibly overpriced. Maybe it's just me but I feel like so many new products are being made these days and we're made to feel like our daily routine should contain about 20 "essential" products like this.  If you liked this product then let me know, I'd be interested to hear if anyone really liked it.

 MeMeMe, Cherub's Blush. This is a cheek and lip tint, which I'm absolutely in love with! The bottle looks exactly like a nail varnish and it has a little brush in the lid. To use you it I just swipe a line over my cheeks and rub in, it's a gorgeous dark pink colour and you can add more lines over your cheeks if you want a more dramatic look. It works great on lips too and it's a really wearable colour which you can add lip balm to for a more natural daily look.

 MONU Illuminating primer. I did like this product, I used it instead of my moisturiser in the mornings and it feels lovely and sinks in easily without any greasiness. I like the fact that it's SPF 15 and it does leave your skin looking lovely and bright, but again at £24.99 for 50ml I definitely wouldn't purchase this.

Unica Kiss it better cream. The packaging is not the nicest on this and you don't get very much, but it does sound like a very promising product for skin problems like eczema. I've not needed to try this yet but my husband gets eczema on his hands so it will come in handy next time it flairs up, and since it's suitable for babies too I will definitely be trying this out on the occasional dry patches Enid gets on her face.

Overall, I wasn't as pleased with this months Glossybox. The theme seemed a bit slack and there were too many skin care products which are over priced and not that amazing. If next months box is similar then I definitely won't be renewing. Did you get anything different in your box?


Anonymous said...

Have you enjoyed our Premae Harmony Serum? x