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Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume - FOX

Halloween is here! I feel more excited about it than I used to because it reminds me of the excitement of last year when we were wondering if our little one would be arriving or not!

I started off with two plain white sleepsuits and chopped the leg off of one of them to use as a tail.

I also chopped out the back of this suit, to use later as the white belly.

I used this "goldfish orange" coloured dye from Dylon in my kitchen sink as it's really easy to use (just add salt and stir) and it leaves minimal mess in the stainless steel sink.
I carefully placed my whole sleepsuit in the dye, keeping the feet out of the colour by just over an inch, I dipped the feet to get a graduated look and then hung them over the side to stop any seepage.

I did the same with the tail part which I previously cut off the other suit, leaving it half in the dye so the end stayed white. I kept the belly part away from the dye and popped the left overs from the cut up suit straight in the dye mixure.

I tried to swirl the material around a little in the dye for even colouring but it was difficult to do without ruining the white patches. I left it all in the dye for 40 mins before rinsing for 15 mins with cold water and then with a tiny bit of detergent.

The leg which was previously cut for the tail was too wide on one side, so I stitched it up to make it more uniform before cutting my belly patch out of the white material. I guessed the size for this by laying it over the sleepsuit and then folding it in half to cut the curved edges.
I pinned the patch in place and then quickly stitched it in places.

I stuffed the tail with some pillow stuffing I had saved and then loosely sewed up the end, I attached it to the sleepsuit by cutting a small hole to poke the end through and hand stitching it in place from behind.

For ears I used some of the leftover dyed fabric, cutting little ear shapes with some smaller white patches for the insides. The sleepsuit's stretch fabric is difficult to sew with a machine at such a small size so I hand stitched these together before sewing them to some orange ribbon.

The ears simply pop on the head and tie in a bow under the chin, this is perfect for babies who don't like to have things on their heads and it's not too intrusive and you can take it off quickly if they get grumpy!

I'm in love with how cute she looks in this! It was so easy to do and barely cost me anything, the dye didn't work too well because I didn't stir it enough so it's quite patchy, but I actually like the effect and am telling myself it looks like fur! Enid definitely stood out a little at nursery against all the shop bought witch costumes!

Have you DIY'ed this Halloween?