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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Birthday Banner DIY

I thought I'd share this super easy idea for a reusable birthday banner. I saw a few online that I liked for Enid's birthday but I knew there had to be an easy way to make my own banner which we could keep and reuse every year for birthday photos. This took no time at all, looks cute and can easily be stored (just wind it around a piece of cardboard to stop tangles) and used for the next birthday!

I picked up these cute letters in Hobbycraft, they were in the scrapbooking and papercraft section and only 60p each. They have various designs for each letter so I searched through to find a variety of designs so that I wouldn't have similar ones next to each other once my words were laid out.  They're made of a thick card stock so they shouldn't get creased up in storage.

Firstly I laid out all my letters in order so they were easy to grab as I was sewing, making sure I had the different designs in the right places.

Then I got sewing! This is the exact same process as with my star garlands, just feed each letter through slowly, making sure to keep a hold of each one tightly so there isn't too much slack on the cotton as it feeds through. I decided to do the 'happy' and 'birthday' seperately so I could hang them together rather than as a long string, so once I sewed on the 'Y', I left a long string for hanging and then started the next row.

Remember that you could easily make these without a sewing machine by hand sewing through the letters and leaving a length of cotton between each letter.

I hung these with some washi tape as it looks nicer than masking tape and is super easy to remove afterwards. The banner looked cute with all the balloons I bought for Enid's birthday and I'm really happy to have achieved such an easy but effective banner which we can use as a traditional prop for future photos.


Lindsey Louise Bales said...

ah, i love love this banner you made! the bunny paper is so cute!

lindsey louise