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Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Glossybox

Christmas and illness has seen to a bit of an empty blog recently, but I'm back with a box review!

So, you might remember that I was hoping for this months Glossybox to be one of redemption as I've been so disappointed with the selection of goodies over the past couple of months. Decembers theme was Festive Treasures and they boasted of some very festive goodies with at least one Maybelline New York product to look forward to. Here's what I got:

Seche Nail lacquer -  I'm not sure what the colour is called, but I received a very bright pink. The brand boast to give you very high pigmented colours without turning your fingernails yellow underneath, which seems like a strange thing to boast! Shouldn't we be allowing our nails enough polish free time to keep their natural shade anyway? Anyway, this didn't feel like anything too special, it has a standard thin brush and wasn't particularly fast drying. It also needed a couple of coats to show true colour.

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24 hr eyeshadow cream - My Maybelline goody was this... blue eyeshadow. I can't honestly say I was impressed, though the shadow does feel lovely and creamy to the touch and blends very well, I can't see myself needing a blue eyeshadow any time soon!

Lipsy Perfume Sample - A nice enough fragrance, but again it's a bit of a tacky one. 

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Nude Lip Gloss - A nicer consistency than usual, this lip gloss contains Jojoba so it's not drying like most. It's an easy to wear shade, but still has that slight sticky look when worn which I'm not a fan of.

Wilkinson Sword Sensitive Care Razor - Finally something I like! This razor is fab, it has a ring of moisturising shaving cream around the head so when you wet the razor you have everything you need all in one. It leaves you feeling lovely and soft and even comes with a little suction cup hook to hang the razor from in the bathroom which is really handy!

Overall verdict for this months Glossybox? Disappointed, again! Where was the actual theme? I expected some lovely glittery nail polish, nice simple make up for a Christmas party look or even a cute little Glossybox tree ornament! It feels like the themes aren't very well thought out at all and that was the main thing I liked about the boxes originally, I also haven't seen any exciting new things to try for a while so paying for a box of things I won't use feels silly. 

So my Glossybox days are definitely over for now, but I have found a new and more exciting box to try! I'll post more details when it arrives, but I can say that it won't be beauty related! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!