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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Simple DIY playhouse

This is barely even a DIY really, but here's a cute craft I completed this Christmas. I started with a large box we had left over from the purchase of a new car seat, cutting the top flaps diagonally at each edge and taping them shut to create a roof shape.

I used a scalpel to cut a door in the front and a window shape in the 'roof'.

Once I'd finished with this, I decided to paper mache the entire house to make it more secure, cover the tape and give it some texture. I used some watered down PVA (about half water to glue) and torn newspaper and kept layering until I couldn't see the box anymore.

The next step was paint! I had a ton of white paint from my garage makeover, so I used that to go over the entire house, it took 3 coats to completely cover.

Once dry, I took some poster paint and painted the door, then added some quick details like fake brickwork and a letter box! The cardboard door bent a little while it was drying but it's still very sturdy.

Enid has had lots of fun popping in and out of her new house and it's so cute to watch her play with it!

Hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY, it's not perfect but I think that gives it character!