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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Simple Crochet Tutorial

I'm so excited (and nervous) to show you this tutorial I just finished making. I never realised what a long process it would be and it's been very time consuming, but I'm so happy to have completed it.

I have always wanted to make a YouTube tutorial because they have helped me so many times, I thought a traditional granny square would be a good start, as when I was learning crochet I found it hard to search out tutorials which showed enough detail and actually explained what was going on.

I've tried my best to make it easy to follow, but it's difficult to know what to say from the perspective of someone who can already crochet! Anyway, I hope you like it and if it helps even one person learn a new hobby then I'm more than happy!

Thank you for watching! My channel is over at NavyLouise