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Friday, April 11, 2014

Home - Photo wall

Recently I was a very lucky girl and won a competition ran by Rachael at Rachael Elizabeth Art, I received this super pretty crochet photo frame and just knew where it was going to live immediately.

When we moved into our house, I had wanted to paint the hallway and do something cool with it, but my god those walls are high. We ruled it out due to my husband and I both being extremely clumsy (imagine us on a ladder on high stairs? no.) and I'm sure you remember how I hate to pay other people to do my jobs! So it stayed white and I had to find another way to make it personal, I realised I had quite a few different frames waiting for photos and decided to get on with filling them and hang them up here.

I started with about 5 in the center and over the last 2 years have been gradually adding frames, I like to keep it organic and only purchase a new frame if it really stands out to me or if we're having a special day out. They're filled with postcards, wrapping paper, photos and special images. In the photos below I can spot a painting we purchased on our honeymoon and a postcard and print from our first trip to the Tate museum with Enid, there's also a frame from an anniversary trip and a special one given to me by a friend. I've also painted a few of the frames with emulsion to help them fit in.

I originally wanted to stick to white frames with pops of red, but it's been gradually getting more colourful and I'm pleased with that. I like to space the frames randomly and it's a bit like building a big jigsaw with no pattern, spreading it out occasionally while leaving gaps for future frames.

I'll be on the lookout for more letters (T and an E!) and unusual shaped frames this year. A big thank you again to Rachael for my adorable crochet frame, it fits beautifully into my wall and is so well made!

I hope you enjoyed this peek at an easy and special way to fill up a wall in your home.