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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Uses for old baby clothes : Headbands

If you're anything like me, you find it hard to part with that cute sleepsuit you remember buying and thinking it'd never fit your little one, or the outfit they wore on a memorable day. The trouble is, kids grow out of their clothes quicker than you can get new ones and you're left with a never ending pile of old stuff. Every few months I have a sort out, anything which is beyond saving (think spaghetti or nursery mud) gets put in a recycling bag and then the rest is sorted into charity, selling and "I can't part with that" piles. So, it's those "I can't part with that" items I want to do more with, to save my home from being taken over!

Easy Hairband tutorial.

You'll need:

Old clothes (doesn't have to be baby clothes, but something with a little stretch is best)
Tape measure
Sewing machine or a needle and thread

First thing to do is measure around your little ones head, then add around 4 inches and cut a rectangle the length of your measurement from your old clothing. I made mine 3 inches wide as I wanted a skinny headband, but you can make yours as wide as you want, the rectangle will be folded later so the width of the finished headband will be roughly half what you cut! 
You then need to "round off" the ends with your scissors, I chose to make a slightly pointed end for mine.

Next step is to fold your rectangle over so the print is on the inside, with a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew along the cut edge in the area between where the curves begin (ie. in the middle of the band leaving approx 2 inches unsewn either end).

Once you've sewn the edge, just turn your band right side out and you'll be left with a tube. The last step is simply to knot it around your little ones head and enjoy!