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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2nd Birthday

On sunday, we celebrated Enid's second birthday. The day went so fast, but was full of cake eating and playing with all the amazing gifts she was lucky enough to receive.
We went swimming the day before and watched fireworks in the evening, she adored both and was thoroughly worn out by the end of the day.
I'd say her favourite part of her special days was probably the balloons, she was obsessed by them and repeatedly tried to eat them much to my dismay. It's a small blow to me that I officially have a toddler now, but the positive side of me is incredibly excited to see what more she will achieve in the next year. We have had struggles with her health but things are on the up with her now walking with determined strength, the next step is talking (she has reduced hearing which we hope to have improved soon) but she has recently been mastering the sign language I am reciting daily.

Enid's favourite things to do right now are feed the ducks, eat broccoli and paint. She's a heart breaker and never fails to make us laugh and smile. Happy 2nd Birthday Enid Rosemary.