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Thursday, October 16, 2014

My visit to Yarndale

We recently visited the Yardale Festival in Skipton, it was a lovely 2 day event dedicated to all things wooly. We stayed nearby and parked in Skipton on the day, then walked through the local park to the event, through the Yarn walk, which was full of yarnbombing in the form of wooly bikes and lampposts.

The event itself was packed full of colourful stalls and there were even some gorgeous Alpaca and a few Angora bunnies to see, which I think was probably Enid's favourite part!
It took us a few hours to walk around and seeing as we went on the first day (which I'm told was the busiest) it was quite difficult to navigate the buggy around, but we still enjoyed browsing and trying to work our way into all the little stalls.

I came away with less than I expected, I bought some lovely vintage knitting needles, a cute wooly brooch, a new 6.5 hook and an obligatory Yarndale tea towel. I thought it was a bit of a shame that around 90% of the stalls were just selling expensive hand spun wool or spinning accessories, which is sadly all rather out of my budget. I was really hoping to see some cool new companies selling acrylic, or more stalls with unique hand made goods, but it felt a little like unless you wanted to pay lots for some wool, there wasn't so much there for you.

I'm still very happy I visited, it was a fun day out and nice to be around like minded creativeness, the best parts for me where the yarn walk, the free vintage bus into Skipton, getting a few bargains and seeing Attic24's stall with Lucy from the blog.
I don't think I would go back next year unless there was guaranteed to be a bit more diversity, but it was definitely a very fun day out!