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Monday, March 30, 2015

Easy Teepee

Oh how I love a good teepee, endless hours of fun and such a simple construction. Here's how I knocked up one for Enid.

2 Metres of fabric
Bamboo canes
Tape Measure
You'll also need a sewing machine (or good hand sewing skills!) 

Firstly I measured out how wide I wanted to base to be, then arranged my canes and tried to even them out by measuring the distances between them. I used some tape to hold the tops of the canes while I was still wiggling them, then wound some cotton and yarn tightly around once they were in their finished positions. 

Next step is measuring your fabric. I measured the distances of each side of the teepee - top, middle and bottom of each side - and then used these figures to draw out my triangles on the fabric.
I folded and pinned each side to hem and cut a slit 3/4 of the way up the front panel for the entrance flaps. Then I started to sew each edge.

To tie the panels on to the canes, I cut long rectangles of fabric, folded them over and sewed 4 on each side so I could easily tie the fabric in place. I liked the effect of the little ties hanging down.

To tighten and strengthen it somewhat, I added dabs of hot glue between the cane and the knot on each tie after pulling the fabric taught. Once you tie on the front panel, you're done! So simple and quick and it's ready for playing.

Enid has spent many hours playing with this and it's still in pretty good shape. I think it'd be a great rainy day project which older kids could get involved with creating. 

Off to have a teaparty in our teepee...