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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Improptu Project

The past couple of days have involved vast amounts of hecticness at work, eating lots at TGI's and the cinema with friends, and shopping!

Which leads me to 'the favorite jacket'. I'm sure we've all had that favorite item of clothing which eventually gets so over used that, with heavy hearts, we eventually have to throw out. Mine was an over loved black corduroy jacket which I wore religiously for 3 years until my boyfriend told me it had no life left and I reluctantly binned it.

Well, fast forward 2 years, after a speedy purchase in H&M a few weeks back, on the way out I spotted 'my' jacket. To my horror I couldn't stop to buy, but it stayed in the back of my mind until yesterday when I finally found time to return to the shop... to find just one black jacket in the wrong size and row upon row of the same jacket in a light girly pink colour. Worst moment ever.

Still I found myself purchasing this monstrosity with the idea that I could again be reunited with my old favourite.. and so was born, the:

I really do hate this colour, I'm just not a pink girl I guess.

So I picked up this box of black Dylon washing machine dye! I used the whole box and 1KG of salt on a super hot wash, then rewashed after and I got this:

And I am so pleased with it! The black is nice and deep in colour and because of the different fabrics it hasn't dyed the pretty floral seams which is great!
I've got my favourite jacket back! Next, to add some cute broches!

Also fitting with clothing subject, I got my ModCloth dresses! And they're more gorgeous than I imagined.

I am one happy bunny!