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Friday, August 30, 2013

Garage Makeover Part 1

As much as I love my house, there has always been something missing; an outside space where we can BBQ or just sit out. Ours is a coach house which means we have 2 car garages directly underneath our house, but sadly no garden. We are lucky enough to have a nice patch of greenery with wild flowers and butterflies directly opposite the house, but it's still not quite the same.  

One of our garages is used by our neighbours, however ours had slowly become an area to chuck our bikes, rubbish and DIY gear, to park in and never look at. I decided to take advantage of this perfectly usable space and create us a nice little BBQ and outdoor area.

Here's what the horrible breeze block walls looked like beforehand. Not attractive. 

I painted the walls with white emulsion, I didn't require masonry paint because although the garage is open, it's well shielded from the elements. In total it took me 6 tubs of paint, but this includes my learning a lesson never to buy cheap white paint! Those first 3 tubs were like painting with water and really set me back. I was only able to paint while Enid had her morning nap so it took me a good few weeks to achieve a finish on the walls that I was happy with. I started off using a roller, but the breeze block is so porous and pitted that it seemed a waste of time as so many spots got missed.

Once I finished the white walls, I decided to add a splash of colour. The garage will sadly still have to be used to store my car most of the time so I wanted a colour at the bottom which wouldn't get dirty looking too quickly. I went for this bright blue which you might recognise from my recent drawer DIY, at first glance I was worried I had chosen a colour that made the walls look a little like those of a public swimming pool but I really like it now it's all done!

Here's the finished result, with added bunting to cutify (yes that is a word)! I would really love to paint the yucky floor but I'm worried it'd be fruitless and would get too dirty and spoiled to make it worth it.

This weekend see's this space being used to host a BBQ, I have some new chairs all ready and waiting and am thinking up more ideas for storage/eating areas.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this easy makeover, I will be posting more about this over the next month as I have lots more to add to it and I'm sure it's going to look even better when it's complete.

P.s It felt so good to uncover and clean up my beloved bike, after pregnancy and new baby times it has been very neglected so I hope to get it in gear soon! (hehe, geddit?) ... I'll go now!