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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to me.

I can't believe I can now say I'm 29 and in the last year of my twenties, where does the time go?
It seems like yesterday I was turning 11 and had friends coming over for a birthday sleepover, this year I woke up in my own house and enjoyed my day with my husband and 10 month old baby.

I woke up to some gorgeous gifts from my husband and family in the morning and then after being presented my amazing hand made cake from my husband (it's become a tradition that he tries to make me a cool cake every year because I have always made his. He panics every year but they always taste great!) we went to pick up his new car. This was right up their with the highlights of the day because he has always wanted this car and never been able to get it or have one that he really loved, it was a bit of a birthday gift in itself just seeing him so happy with it! 

I had him promise me he would chauffeur me in his new car, so after filling it with the baby seat, pushchair, bags and the baby herself, we drove to meet my dad for breakfast at Buddies American Diner. I chose "Silver Dollar Pancakes" and some has browns on the side and it was so good! I've never had American style pancakes before and think I am now addicted!

This birthday breakfast with my dad is becoming a tradition I feel as we've done it for 3 years in a row now! We set off for West Midlands Safari Park after, which is around an hours drive for us. I had wanted to go to a zoo I've not been to before and I figured Enid might enjoy it now she's old enough to take things in. She's such a voyeur that I hoped it would keep her well entertained for the day and I was mostly right!

The park area itself wasn't great as there are only a few animals amongst a sea of gift shops and kids ride, but the safari was absolutely amazing! There are so many animals just wandering around, I had a zebra stick it's head through my car window and we saw cars in front feeding camels and giraffes brushing against vehicles. It was a little crazy to be so close to so many different animals but a great experience.

We headed to nearby Worcester once we were done with the zoo, my husband went to university there so I thought it'd be nice to have a walk around and get some dinner there.
We ended up pigging out at nandos and then heading home for tea, cake and much needed sleep!

I'll be blogging about a couple of my great presents soon, thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday a great day. Here's to a great 29th year!